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Finally Kelly's Salon
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Body Wraps!

Its that time of the year again, time to exfoliate and hydarate your skin with a nourishing body wrap of your choice!

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Massage Therapy

Our Massage Therapy room is located in the "West Wing" and we are currently booking appointments.

This room is simply designed to allow for a comfortable yet serene environment and is eloquently accented with candles, low lighting and plenty of space for mobility.

Our Massage Therapist offers Chair massage, Swedish massage, Sports massage, Deep Tissue massage, Hot-Stone massage and Reflexology as a way of helping to reduce pain, tension and anxiety.

Samantha's Therapeutic Massage also offers body treatments such as: Seaweed Body Wraps, Clay Body Wraps, Mud Body Wraps, Paraffin Body Wraps, Exfoliations, and Body Scrubs.

If you're interested in booking an appointment for one of these relaxing services, please give us a call at (508) 885 5200, or send us an email and we would be happy to accommodate you.

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